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Taylor Swift once kicked Ian McKellen out of her apartment

Seriously Taylor, *more* bad blood!?

Anna Silman
September 2, 2015 7:26PM (UTC)

The constellation of stars in Taylor Swift’s vast orbit just keeps expanding.

A few months ago, Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart — one of the few celebrity BFF couples we aren't sick of — performed dramatic readings of Taylor Swift songs, prompting an informal induction into Swift’s extended friend group.


Yet, in a recent interview with Gay Star News, Sir Ian McKellen reveals that he and Swift have had some (sorry!) bad blood of their own in the past -- namely, when she inadvertently evicted him from Peter Jackson’s New York apartment where he had been staying as a guest. "Taylor Swift bought it while I was there and I was thrown out before I wanted to leave!” McKellen said, responding to a question about how if felt being in Swift’s squad. "That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it?”

While Vanity Fair posited that Swift may not have even known that McKellen was in the apartment at the time, in a Rolling Stone profile from last year, Swift describes how difficult it was to tour the apartment because brokers were worried about disturbing Jackson's famous guest. "Sir Ian McKellen," Swift told interviewer Josh Eels at the time. "I think once you're Gandalf, you can always just stay in Peter Jackson's house." (At least Swift had the respect to use both his honorific and his wizarding name?)

Still, McKellen doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings, adding with a laugh: “She bought it, she had every right to—I was just lodging there for free!”


He also notes that Swift "did ask me to appear with Patrick Stewart at her show in L.A,” but he had to skip out because he “had something else to do that night.”

While we’re relieved to hear that two of our most distinguished living actors have yet to be reduced to animate props in Swift’s star-spangled arena puppet show, we admit we would be intrigued by some sort of high concept "X-Men"/"Bad Blood" crossover. Magneto and Arsyn vs. Xavier and Catastrophe in an epic showdown over New York real estate? Sounds fierce.

Ian McKellen Says Taylor Swift Threw Him Out of His Apartment



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