Donald Trump proves Kareem Abdul-Jabbar correct with ALL CAPS, Sharpie-scrawled response to NBA legend's editorial

Abdul-Jabbar accused Trump of lashing out when criticized, which Trump took as an invitation to do just that

Scott Eric Kaufman
September 3, 2015 4:46PM (UTC)

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar penned an article for the Washington Post on Tuesday in which he examined how Donald Trump's insurgent campaign differed from Bernie Sanders' -- the latter shows "grace under fire," whereas the former lashes out.

For example, Abdul-Jabbar wrote, "after Trump had blamed her attitude on her menstrual cycle, [Megyn] Kelly went on what Fox says was a planned vacation. Nevertheless, Trump suggested he may have been the cause. What kind of candidate takes credit for bullying the media?" He characterized that position, as well as Trump's recent contretemps with Univision and Fusion reporter Jorge Ramos, as an attempt "to bully the press to silence criticism of him," which struck him as being "anti-American."


Abdul-Jabbar wrote that Republicans "may flirt with the preppy life of the frathouse partier because he’s poked sacred cows, said stuff we all wish we could say (except that reason keeps us from doing it), and acted buffoonishly entertaining." However, he added that eventually even the GOP faithful will realize that he's not a viable presidential candidate.

Later that day, as predicted, Trump lashed out, scribbling an ALL CAPS message on a printed version of Abdul-Jabbar's essay and sending it to him by special courier:

[caption id="attachment_14063970" align="aligncenter" width="249"](Credit: Washington Post) (Credit: Washington Post)[/caption]


In addition to proving Abdul-Jabbar correct, Trump unwittingly also informed potential voters of things they've likely suspected -- namely, that he's the sort of person who prints out articles he reads online, reflexively highlights his own name when it appears, comments on these print-outs in ALL CAPS with a Sharpie, and then has his words of wisdom sent by special courier to people who clearly don't value his opinion.

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