Fox News' resident sexist Greg Gutfeld just can't help himself: "The only good pledge is the kind that polishes your wood"

He was comparing Trump's loyalty pledge "to the kind you spray on furniture," Jedidiah Bila vehemently insisted

Published September 4, 2015 2:28PM (EDT)

"The Five" co-host Greg Gutfeld found it difficult -- nay, impossible -- to discuss Donald Trump's "pledge of allegiance to the GOP" without demeaning women, because there's no political issue that can't be made to contain a sexist component when you're Greg Gutfeld.

Gutfeld noted that Trump never signs a contract that he can't get out of, and pointed to his numerous bankruptcies and divorces as evidence. "Trump never signs a deal," he said, "without a plausible way out," which he identified here as the moment Trump perceives the GOP to have disrespected him.

"That doesn't sound like 'in sickness or in health,'" Gutfeld said, before creating a scenario in which the anti-immigration, pro-traditional marriage, anti-abortion candidate could win the Democratic ticket. After all, he argued, by signing the pledge Trump has essentially declared himself to be a RINO.

"While I'm glad he sign the pledge," he continued, "pledges are meant to be broken. In sum, the only good pledge is the kind that polishes your wood, or the kind that fetches you beer at a kegger."

Co-host Geraldo Rivera played coy, saying "I just got that last one, freshmen at college," while Jedediah Bila can be heard in the background insisting that the other one "is the 'Pledge' you spray on your furniture."

Because of course it is -- Gutfeld's too serious a thinker to have enjoyed slipping in that little double entrende. Sexism on Fox News in a segment about Donald Trump? That'd be the height of absurdity.

Watch the entire clip below via Fox News.

Greg Gutfeld Talks About Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings

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