Comedian Josh Androsky is raising money for Planned Parenthood by trolling Ted Cruz on Twitter

The L.A.-based comic figured out how to turn a hobby -- trolling GOP candidates -- into actual social activism

Published September 8, 2015 2:14PM (EDT)

Los Angeles comedian and Vice contributor Josh Androsky discovered a clever way to turn what most would consider a hobby -- trolling marginal GOP candidates on Twitter -- into actual online activism, the Daily Dot's Eve Peyser reports.

On August 28th, Androsky informed the world of his plan:

As they often do online, things escalated quickly:

Of course, Androsky needed to provide the poor intern manning Ted Cruz's Twitter account with some block-worthy material:

Eventually, Androsky's followers learned that the could donate not only in Ted Cruz's name, but that they could customize their donations, at which point things took a decidedly different turn:

As silly as this seems, Androsky told the Daily Dot, it's for a good cause -- or against an evil one, as the case may be. "Ted Cruz is truly evil," he said. "Why not combat it with targeted silliness?" His goal "is to raise $2,294,642, because that spells out ‘bazinga’ on a phone keypad," and while it's highly unlikely he'll meet that goal, he is starting to get some help from high places:

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