Keith Ablow on "Fox & Friends": Kim Davis decision will "open the floodgates" to polygamous marriage

The way in which he shoehorns the issue of polygamy into the conversation almost makes it seem like he was told to

Scott Eric Kaufman
September 14, 2015 7:31PM (UTC)

On "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, Fox News' medical correspondent Keith Ablow argued that Kim Davis needs to "do what [her] job entails or quit," because "that's called America" -- but he also noted that her case highlights the way in which the federal government has "opened the floodgates" to polygamy.

He began sensibly enough, saying that "if the law says you have to issue a marriage license and it's clear [that] 'there needs to be a license issued,' the fact that your religion may say otherwise shouldn't mean that you can keep your job." But "if you want the job, you've got to do what the job entails -- otherwise you quit. That's called America."


Ablow continued, however, by pointing out that because the issue at hand is a conflict between state and federal authorities over who has the right to recognize marriages and what kinds of marriages can be recognized, "any court can now say, 'Well, polygamy, you've got to issue marriage licenses to three men and a woman, because I don't know how you deny that to people who say, "We're all in love."'"

"So the floodgates are open," he continued. "Gay marriage opened those floodgates, marriage now will end up meaning anybody in love, and ultimately the Church, or a temple, or other religious groups are going to have to say, 'We want none of that.'"

Ablow later mentioned that this is a clear case in which the Supreme Court overstepped its authority and effectively "made law," and that the judicial system will have to face the consequences of this overreach -- including the challenges from polyamorous couples seeking legal recognition for their relationship.


He then continued his discussion from earlier, saying that if Davis knew she would have religious objections, she shouldn't have taken the position in the first place and should immediately resign. It's almost as if he felt the need to address polygamy not out of logical necessity but because of some other, greater obligation.

Watch the entire segment below via Media Matters.


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