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The truth about Carly Fiorina's CEO experience: “She likes to brag but in fact left a trail of disaster”

Salon exclusive: Yale management expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld tells us why Carly's run at top of HP was so nightmarish

Asha Parker
September 21, 2015 10:59PM (UTC)

During the second GOP debate, Donald Trump called Carly Fiorina the worst CEO of all time, citing Jeffrey Sonnenfeld whom Trump called the "top man" at Yale. Sonnefeld — who is actually a Senior Associate Dean of Leadership Studies, and Lester Crown Professor at Yale School of Management — agreed that Fiorina's record proves she should never run another company.

The decision to hire Fiorina as CEO was a misinformed one, made by what Sonnenfeld calls a "dysfunctional" HP board committee and under Fiorina's leadership the company's value decreased by 55 percent, he said.


"If HP was worth a dollar, it was worth 50 cents after she left," Sonnenfeld said. "In actual nominal dollars it could be around 60 billion dollars that she destroyed in value in her five years.

Sonnenfeld answered "D," when asked what letter grade he would give her based her on performance at HP. Watch the conversation below:

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