Donald Trump preys on Megyn Kelly yet again — she's a woman, after all, doesn't she deserve some shade?

The GOP front-runner just can't help behaving like a misogynist toward the woman who called him out on his misogyny

Scott Eric Kaufman
September 23, 2015 5:19PM (UTC)

When it comes to Fox News' Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump just can't quit her, as evidenced by a late-night Twitter tirade he went on Tuesday.

His second statement above is actually a "joke" he liked so much he's made it twice now:

That Trump enjoys taking credit for Kelly's allegedly unscheduled vacation is a testament to how much he enjoys misogynistically slagging the Fox News host for -- and here's the irony, for the irony-blind -- calling him out on his misogyny. Salon reached out to Kelly for comment, but has yet to hear back.


That said, Trump had all of Fox News in his sights yesterday, as he re-tweeted a number of people actively criticizing the network:

Scott Eric Kaufman

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