Even Fox's trumped up "reality" can be really hard sometimes: Donald Trump boycotts Fox News for "treating me unfairly"

"I won't be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future," Trump said

By Scott Eric Kaufman
September 23, 2015 10:04PM (UTC)
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(Updated. See below.)

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump declared that Fox News hasn't been accommodating enough to his every baseless whim and fictional fancy, and that because of this, he will be boycotting the network.

Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday:


This presumably means he won't be appearing on "Hannity" anymore, despite the host's determined efforts to legitimize Trump's most egregious statements, or visit with his "old friend" Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor," which hasn't exactly been critical of him.

Trump was questioned assiduously by Greta Van Susteren last week, but all she did was ask him to reconcile statements he had made to her about Hillary Clinton in 2012 with his recent remarks, which isn't a boycotting offense unless you're as thin-skinned as Trump apparently is.

His turn against Fox News likely has to do with the ratings for the recent CNN debate, as well as encouragement from his rabid fan-base, whose statements against Fox News he's been retweeting the last two days.


UPDATE: Fox issued a statement about Trump's boycott and the reason behind it:

Meanwhile, his campaign stumping in North Charleston is very sparsely attended, to say the least:

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