Chicago television station wishes Jews celebrating the highest of High Holy days a happy ... Holocaust?

This is what happens when you rely on uneducated interns who don't know from history

Published September 23, 2015 4:52PM (EDT)

Tuesday night, WGN News at Nine decided to wish Jews "yom tov" by reminding them -- full disclosure, I should write "us" -- about what they like to think about the most: the Holocaust.

During a brief segment about the highest of the high holy days, the network placed beside the anchor's head an image of the yellow star that the Nazis stitched onto the clothing of all Jews over the age of six after a September 19, 1941 decree by Reinhard Heydrich -- a participant in the infamous Wannsee Conference, in which answers to "the Jewish question" were proposed.

To make matters worse, the "Jude" patch was seemingly affixed to the prison uniforms worn by Jews in concentration camps, so not only was it generally reminding those celebrating the Day of Atonement of the Holocaust, it specifically referenced it.

As Mikaela Jannae, who first noticed the error and posted this image on Twitter said:

WGN posted an apology -- "We are truly sorry for inadvertently using an offensive image in our Yom Kippur story. We apologize and deeply regret the error." -- but later deleted it for reasons unknown. After all, if a company deletes an apology for egregious errors, the Internet will forget they ever occurred, right?

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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