Twitter ruins everything: NASA's announcement of flowing water on Mars met with ignorance and cynicism

The extremes to which a few salty streams on another planet can inspire Twitter denizens is amazing

By Scott Eric Kaufman
September 28, 2015 8:45PM (UTC)
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NASA's announcement that running water has been discovered on Mars set Twitter predictably abuzz today.

First, of course, many are asking the obvious question:

Which leads someone to ask a stupid question, and someone else to answer it:

Of course, some people know what the most significant implication of NASA's announcement is:



Yo, some us have questions for science, bitch:

This is true for so many reasons:

Some jokes write themselves:

Others require a deft touch:

The timing of the release is curious, but I've got that covered:

Moreover, those who think this helps "The Martian" are missing one crucial point:


In the end, however, the hopes of many were dashed:

Not that we really should've gotten too excited in the first place:

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