George Zimmerman re-tweets photograph of Trayvon Martin's dead body

The re-tweet has since been deleted, but he continues to boast about loving "trolling" people with the image

Published September 28, 2015 7:24PM (EDT)

George Zimmerman                     (Reuters/Joe Burbank)
George Zimmerman (Reuters/Joe Burbank)

George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, continues to behave as if he's in a competition to see who can be The Most Vile that he doesn't realize he long ago won, re-tweeting this weekend a since-deleted photograph of Martin's dead body with the message "Z-man is a one man army."

(Salon is opting not to include this picture in the post, but it can be viewed here.)

Zimmerman's been doing everything he can to call attention to himself in recent months, including calling President Barack Obama an "ignorant baboon" and partnering with an Islamophobic gun shop owner to sell paintings of Confederate battle flags.

But re-tweeting a picture of the teenager whose life to took seemed like a new low for the proud vigilante, at least until he went on Twitter again this morning, in which he re-tweeted the embedded tweet from "kataisa" below:

Decent people -- even, or especially, ones who killed a teenager during an altercation -- wouldn't use what should have been the difficult decision to dispatch another human being to "troll" the media. But Zimmerman is more interested in "owning" people than he is owning up to actions:

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