"The Daily Show" leaps into the digital age with online-only "rock star Pope Francis" video

"TDS" quietly rolled out its first "digital exclusive" last night

Published September 29, 2015 3:09PM (EDT)

  (Comedy Central/The Daily Show)
(Comedy Central/The Daily Show)

Comedy Central promised us a more digital “Daily Show,” and alas, the network has delivereth, releasing the show's first “digital exclusive” along with the premiere last night. In it, returning correspondent Hasan Minahj gets jazzed up talking to Pope Francis’s fans in Philadelphia: a pretty standard "TDS" field segment, aside from the mode of delivery.

While Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" rarely released online-only features, Comedy Central is trying for a more multi-platform approach with Trevor Noah’s show. (Or as correspondent Jordan Klepper riffed last night, "I just keep hearing ‘global.’ I hear ‘viral’ and ‘youth'.").The network recently hired Onion guru Baratunde Thurston to spearhead the push for original online content, which Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless hopes will introduce “a multi-platform layer for the show that hasn’t existed before” that “will enable us to have a conversation with viewers.”

Watch the inaugural segment below:

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