4 moments from yesterday's Planned Parenthood hearing that show just how out of control the GOP really is

"My colleagues like to say there is no war on women but look at how you've been treated as a witness."

Published September 30, 2015 4:30AM (EDT)

The war against women was alive and well at Tuesday morning's Congressional hearing where Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards went up against conservative lawmakers attempting to strip federal funding from the women's health organization.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan repeatedly interrupted Richards as he badgered her with a raised voice about heavily-edited videos released by anti-abortion activists that purported to show a Planned Parenthood doctor selling fetal tissue. Richards said the videos were part of a "smear campaign" and called them "categorically untrue."

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz presented Richards with data taken from an anti-abortion group and claimed it was from Planned Parenthood corporate reports while Tennessee Rep. John Duncan alluded that Richards was a criminal.

"The apology you offered is like what some criminals do," he said. "They're not really sorry for what they've done, they're sorry they got caught."

One Congressman, Virginia Rep. Gerald Connolly, defended Richards saying he was appalled at how she was treated at the hearing.

"My colleagues like to say there is no war on women but look at how you've been treated as a witness," he told Richards. "Lord Almighty what's America coming to."

Watch the four most egregious moments from the hearing:
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By Janet Upadhye

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