Sheriff David Clarke: African-Americans have "lived under 60 years of enslavement of Democrat control" on "liberal plantation"

He and Hannity agree that white liberals people need to stop "lying" to blacks by "giving them free stuff"

Scott Eric Kaufman
October 1, 2015 6:30PM (UTC)

Sheriff David Clarke appeared on "Hannity" last night to discuss Ben Carson's recent statements about how "the Democrat party" tricks African-Americans into voting their ticket.

On Monday, Carson told Mike Gallagher that "I think American blacks over the course of this next year will begin to see that they've been manipulated very, very largely, and people telling them what they're supposed to think and what they're supposed to say."


"More and more," he continued, "I'm finding, they are thinking for themselves and are recognizing, you know, what really works for them and for their communities."

Hannity noted that both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton not only changed their message when appearing before black audiences -- which is a damning charge, speaking to potential voters about issues more closely held to their hearts -- but that they also changed their "appearance and cadence and tone and delivery."

In "every election year, black Americans are told lies advanced by the media," Hannity said. "Dr. Carson is telling the truth. Isn't that the underbelly of American politics?"


Guest Eric Guster replied that "if you, to the far right, said 'the sky was falling,' there's a sect of the population that would believe you."

But Hannity wasn't in the mood for comeuppance, so he shut down that conversation by insisting that Guster only address the Gore and Clinton examples he provided, presumably because principled journalists prefer playing with a stacked deck. "You're not addressing the question," he said, before turning the floor over to the conservative, anti-#BlackLivesMatter Sheriff David Clarke, who replied as expected.

"Bravo, Dr. Carson," Clarke said. "Of course [you're] right. The mainstream media in America has abandoned their constitutional duty to be a government watchdog and be neutral in all these things. Instead, they have become the propaganda wing, the lapdog, the public information for the Democrat party and their liberal agenda and their leftist ideology."


He complained that the media has abdicated its responsibility to criticize the left, to write op-eds informing African-Americans' that they've "lived under 60 years of enslavement of Democrat control. This liberal mainstream media has refused to tell blacks the story that under the first black president, their standard of living hasn't gotten any better."

"One of the roles of the mainstream media," Clarke continued -- Hannity was clearly enjoying him going off the rails in the right fashion -- "is to vilify Dr. Carson and Allan West and Clarence Thomas because their voices will resonate in the black community, and blacks will revolt from the liberal plantation."


Hannity eventually cut him off to allow Guster a chance to respond, but he immediately cut Guster off after he admitted to having voted for President Barack Obama twice.

Hannity threw the segment back to Clarke, who opined that "the only people whose lives have gotten better under Obama are typical liberals. Unions, the teachers, so those typical people who vote. But blacks haven't even gotten their beaks wet. It's a very intoxicating message when you give people free stuff, it's emotional -- a very emotional message to lean that way."

Watch the entire segment below via Fox News.


Ben Carson Says Black Voters Are Being Manipulated

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