Stephen Colbert mocks CNN's latest absurd debate stunt: "This is like watching someone shoot a porno"

"CNN is promising to bring this election in your face! By putting it on your face," Colbert said.

Published October 1, 2015 6:13PM (EDT)

Stephen Colbert thinks he's a millennial. He's hip with his gadgets, shaves with a tweeting razor and even had Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel on as a guest for Wednesday night's "Late Show." Colbert thought it was important given that the media is already calling this the Snapchat election. "It's true, candidates appear, and before before you know it, poof, they're gone!"

But before talkign to Spiegel, Colbert took a look at CNN's bizarre new virtual reality debate technology. The new tool allows users who have virtual reality devices watch the debate as if they are an actual audience member. They can also observe the candidates when the regular old cameras are turned to the person speaking.

"Folks, the future you were promised by 'Johnny Mnemonic,' 'Virtuosity,' and your childhood View Master has finally arrived," Colbert joked. But even the virtual reality debate has created some speculation in Colbert's mind about the media's desperate attempts to find something to capture the desirable demographic. It's the latest technology since CNN developed a hologram machine which has yet to beam in anything interesting.

"This tech puts you in the center of the action" Colbert said. "It'll feel like you're seeing Hillary Clinton right in front of you, but she's not actual there, just like the real Hillary Clinton!"

Colbert put the goggles on and loaded the previous GOP debate that CNN shot in a 360 degree view. He said it was like watching something he could see on television. You can always tell who is important in a debate because the camera points to them, Colbert joked. But with this view you can see the cameras and lights and it isn't really all that sexy anymore. "This is like watching someone shoot a porno." He then reached out to stroke Rand Paul's hair saying it felt like a libertarian labradoodle.

If you missed it last night, it's hilarious and worth watching here:

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By Sarah Burris

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