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Carly Fiorina: "I am distinctly horrifying to liberal women"

She pointed to her current success in the polls, including head-to-head ones with Hillary Clinto, as the reason

Scott Eric Kaufman
October 6, 2015 4:20PM (UTC)

On "The Kelly File" Monday night, Carly Fiorina discussed a series of recent reports about her mismanagement of campaign funds, as well as questionable donations from her charitable foundation -- but instead of considering those reports to be legitimate inquiries about a presidential candidate, she claimed they were evidence that liberals fear her because "I am a conservative woman."

"There are a lot of liberals who find me kind of scary right now, because I am doing really well in the polls and -- horror of horrors -- I am a conservative woman," she said.


When Kelly confronted her about campaign debt from a 2010 Senate run, Fiorina noted that the Washington Post never ran a story about Hillary Clinton's campaign debt, which she claimed was over 40 times what hers was. (Fiorina did eventually clear the debt this January, right before announcing her presidential aspirations.)

"I don't think the facts are the point here at all," Fiorina claimed, adding that the Post "doesn't have much credibility and MSNBC, well, that speaks for itself."

"We know that most of the media is very liberal, and we know that liberal women have trouble accepting that there are many, many women who don't agree with them. I think that I am distinctly horrifying to liberals [because] I am a conservative who right now head-to-head beats Hillary Clinton soundly," she concluded, noting recent poll numbers indicating she would beat the Democratic front-runner in Iowa and New Hampshire.


Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

It's Literally Curtains for Carly Fiorina

Scott Eric Kaufman

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