Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: Democratic frontrunners disagree on Wall Street, minimum wage and trade

"I differ with Clinton in many areas," Bernie Sanders told MSNBC host Chris Hayes

Asha Parker
October 7, 2015 6:30PM (UTC)

"Real areas of disagreement are finally starting to emerge between the leading [Democratic] candidates," said Chris Hayes on his show last night. Hayes spoke with Bernie Sanders to discuss the 2016 candidate's stance on issues such as gun control reform and trade.

When asked asked whether Sanders anticipates trade causing an issue between himself and Hillary Clinton during next week's first Democratic debate, Sanders' simple answer was "yes."


"We disagree on Wall Street and what we should do, whether or not we should break up large banks. We disagree about how high the minimum wage should go... We disagree about our college plans... And we disagree on trade," said Sanders.

Watch the conversation below:

Asha Parker

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