The one racist tweet that says everything about Fox News and how Republicans look at race

The latest Fox News embarrassment: Because why shouldn't old white men openly question a black man's authenticity?

Published October 8, 2015 12:36PM (EDT)

Rupert Murdoch           (AP/Josh Reynolds)
Rupert Murdoch (AP/Josh Reynolds)

Fox News founder and CEO Rupert Murdoch went on Twitter to praise Ben Carson, but ended burying himself by revealing that he's not entirely sure President Barack Obama is an authentic black man:

There are two aspects to this tweet, both of which are disturbing. The first is the suggestion that being half-black somehow diminishes the president's blackness, the second that only a "pure" black could "properly address the racial divide." He tried to explain himself in a subsequent tweet:

But pointing to an article about the African-American community's disappointments with the president doesn't obscure the fact that Murdoch just claimed that a "real black" president would behave differently than the current one.

Carson was a paid contributor to Fox News before entering the presidential race, so presumably Murdoch knows him well. So well, in fact, that last March he tweeted that while he's a "[w]onderful character, up from Detroit ghetto, [he] sadly seems political naif."

As Carson's risen in the polls, however, Murdoch has changed his tune, now claiming that he is "maybe the one to beat."

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