"The Daily Show" blows up Fox News again!: Trevor Noah unloads on Rupert Murdoch's vague racism

"Conservatives have been accused of disliking Obama because he’s too black... The problem is he isn't black enough"

Sarah Burris
October 9, 2015 3:40PM (UTC)

In case you missed it, Fox News owner and conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, thinks Ben Carson would be a better black president than Barack Obama who isn't quite black enough.  The Daily Show's Trevor Noah took issue with this on Thursday night's show calling out Ben Carson's continued insanity and Murdoch's "vaguely racist" tweet in support of him.

Carson has been making the rounds of all the talk shows saying the way he would have handled the shooting if he was in one is to rush the gunman like some sort of zombie. Understandably, Americans started to give Carson some feedback on the idea of blaming the victims of a mass shooting and wondering how Carson could say such a thing, he's never been in that situation. But Carson totally understands what a mass shooting is like. He got held up once at "Popeye's organization."


"Not a Popeye's restaurant mind you, but a Popeye's organization," Noah laughed. "It's a little known charity that gives out fried chicken in exchange for money... So Ben Carson was in a Popeye's Chicken, a guy pulls a gun on him, and Ben Carson says: 'don't shoot me, shoot the guy behind the counter.' This puts his perspective of mass shootings in a whole new light."

It is easy to say you're going to rush the gunman, but in practice, it is something else entirely. "He said he would try to get everyone to rush the gunman,” Noah argued. “But I have a feeling it would be more like, ‘Hey guys, everybody attack him.'" Then backing away slowly while doing your signature raccoon hands move.

The Daily Show even acquired footage of this incident at the Popeye's organization you'll want to see below.


Noah then took on Murdoch's ridiculousness. First, he sympathized with what it's like to be young and crazy on twitter and craving fans. But Noah hopes when Ruppie is a little older he'll stop making mistakes like this.

"Now guys. It was late at night. Maybe the guy suffers from insomnia and the only thing that solves it is vaguely racist tweeting," Noah said.

"This is eye-opening, though. This whole time, conservatives have been accused of disliking Obama because he’s too black," Noah said. "Now it turns out, the problem is that he isn’t black enough! Well, at least according to my ni**a Rupert Murdoch."


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