5 Amy Schumer “SNL" sketches you need to see beyond her epic gun parody PSA

Schumer turns up as a flight attendant, a sexy schoolgirl and even ... Mary Todd Lincoln?

Published October 12, 2015 5:19PM (EDT)


While Amy Schumer’s gun PSA and her lengthy monologue were the most-discussed aspects of her “SNL” hosting gig, there were plenty of other great sketches you may have missed if you didn’t catch the show live. Here’s a look at the best of the bunch:

Delta flight

Vanessa Bayer and Amy Schumer had great comedic chemistry in “Trainwreck,” and the duo continue to play off each other brilliantly in this sketch about two Delta flight attendants whose Spice Girls-style announcement songs keep getting interrupted when they get sucked outside the airplane door.

Porn teacher

While the premise itself is kind of low-hanging fruit, Schumer does a great-job of parodying cheesy porno tropes in this “Hot For Teacher” rip-off.

Hands-free Selfie stick:

The second digital short of the night takes the already-absurd concept of selfie sticks and pushes it to the extreme, with a “hands-free selfie stick” that you insert directly into your butt-hole.

Ford’s Theater

Schumer steals the scene once again as a Mary Todd Lincoln impersonator who goes rogue during a re-enactment of Lincoln’s death at Ford’s theater. With its ambitious premise and absurd brand of feminist historical revisionism, we wouldn't be surprised if Schumer had a strong hand in this one.

City council meeting

This sketch is basically just an opportunity for the cast to show off a string of wacky characters, but any opportunity to see Schumer’s nasal Honey Boo Boo-esque pageant queen Amy Merriweather-Sherman is alright by us.

By Anna Silman

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