Aaron Sorkin mocks Donald Trump and other candidates as too ridiculous for TV: "This just isn’t believable"

The 2016 slate would never past muster on "The West Wing"

Published October 13, 2015 2:59PM (EDT)

Aaron Sorkin          (AP/John Shearer/Invision)
Aaron Sorkin (AP/John Shearer/Invision)

This year’s election has a certain stranger than fiction quality to it, and in a new interview with James Corden, “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin agrees: You can’t make this shit up.

Speaking alongside former “West Wing” star Bradley Whitford, Sorkin confessed that even his fictional politicians would find this year’s election a little strange. “I think if the characters on 'The West Wing' were watching a TV show about the people who are running for president, they’d say that this just isn’t believable. This could never happen,” said Sorkin.

Added Whitman: "If there is a God, she’s a terrible writer. You could not make this up.”

Watch the full conversation below:

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