"Ted Cruz smells like gay porn and chin cankles"

"@Midnight" comics mock Trump's fragrance, imagine scents for other GOP candidates

Published October 14, 2015 10:48AM (EDT)

Tuesday evening's @Midnight with comedian Chris Hardwick mocked Donald Trump's cologne line "Success" with a new game called "Game Doody Stench."

"Fun fact about Donald Trump, glad there is one," Hardwick began. "He's the first presidential candidate to have his own line of fragrances. One of the many ways you can tell he should not be President. And in case any of you underestimates what an asshole he is, one of the fragrances is called 'Success.' It's an inspiring blend of jet fuel, cat shit and nanny tears. So you can smell like a questionably masculine apocalypse."

Hardwick showed guest comedians Mike Lawrence, Ashley Barnhill and Blaine Capatch imagine what other presidential candidates' scents would smell like. Here's a spoiler, Ted Cruz smells like gay porn and chin cankles.

By Sarah Burris

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