6 commercials that shamelessly exploit '80s nostalgia to sell us stuff

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunite in a new Toyota spot

Published October 15, 2015 6:11PM (EDT)


For today’s helping of pure, unadulterated ‘80s nostalgia delivered straight into your veins, “Back To The Future” stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunited to discuss how 2015 stacks up against the predictions made in "Back To The Future II" -- and tried to sell us a Toyota in the process.

It’s the sort of icky, nostalgia-bait marketing campaign that irrecovably taints our purest pop-culture memories, while simultaneously really making us want to buy whatever our fictional childhood idols are selling us.

Here are some more examples of '80s corporate nostalgia-bait:

That time Ferris Bueller tried to sell us a Honda:

Or when the gang from "Full House" tried to sell us yogurt:

Ever wonder what the Griswold family are up to these days? Slinging Old Navy sweaters, it turns out:

But that’s not the only think Clark Griswold is peddling these days:

Even Alf, once more of an analog dude, has firmly embraced the digital age:

The "Dukes of Hazzard" Duke "boys" still drive like maniacs, but now they can use Auto Trader to find new wheels:

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