Must-see: Larry Wilmore's epic Jeb Bush takedown: "It’s as if his head can’t contain the bullsh*t"

It's what happened after 9/11 that matters? "Afghanistan, Iraq, Patriot Act, Gitmo, waterboarding, ISIS..."

Published October 20, 2015 10:41AM (EDT)

Jeb Bush's circular thinking on his brother 9/11 is no match for Larry Wilmore. On Monday's "Nightly Show," Wilmore mocked Jeb's stammering awkwardness and confusion in answering CNN host Jake Tapper's questions on how brother Bush kept us safe on 9/11.

While Tapper was nailing Bush to the wall on his hypocrisy for blaming Hillary Clinton for Benghazi but not his brother for 9/11, the former Florida governor was blinking like crazy and shaking his head like a bobblehead.

"Why are you shaking your head the entire time you answer this question?" Wilmore asked. "It’s almost like your head can’t contain the bullshit your mouth is spewing! ... I’m not saying Jeb Bush doesn’t believe what he’s saying, I’m saying his body doesn’t. That’s why his mouth can’t help but stammer when he says bullshit like this:"

Wilmore ran a clip of Bush asking if people actually blame his brother for attacks on 9/11. "No," Wilmore said while nodding yes. "I would never blame your brother for the 9/11 attacks."

Bush went on to say it's what his brother did afterward that mattered and Wilmore called bullshit. "Yes, what he did afterward is the only thing that matters!" he said. "Afghanistan, Iraq, Patriot Act, Gitmo, waterboarding, ISIS... Bush basically created the first five seasons of '24'!"

Check out the full video below:

Only Larry Wilmore Could Get Bernie Sanders to Casually Say

By Sarah Burris

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