Why yes, that is Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley playing Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on "The View"

We consider ourselves jaded, but it turns out we are still capable of surprise

Scott Eric Kaufman
October 20, 2015 8:08PM (UTC)

Mere minutes after insisting that the Democratic presidential nomination process should be about politics instead of entertainment, former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley was convinced completely spontaneously to whip out a guitar and play a Taylor Swift song on "The View" Tuesday.

O'Malley was appearing on the show in part because some of the panelists had been critical of his treatment of the #BlackLivesMatter activists in the past, but there was no hint of lingering resentment as they "put him on the spot" and had him play Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."


Watch this remarkable performance by the man many insiders believe is trying to position himself to be Hillary Clinton's choice for vice president below.

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Scott Eric Kaufman

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