"You have got to be f*cking kidding me. Toddlers?!": Wilmore destroys the NRA's "stuff happens!" stance on child gun accidents

"They can learn songs like 'Old MacDonald Had a Glock," Wilmore fumed

Published October 21, 2015 12:29PM (EDT)

Larry Wilmore faked out his audience of "The Nightly Show" on Tuesday night when he pretended to announce that Congress was going to pass an assault weapons ban. But, no. Alas the NRA would never let such a thing happen.

The good news in guns this week is that a jury found a gun store liable for selling a gun that was later used in a shooting of two Milwaukee police officers. How did they get around the Protection of Lawful Commerce and Arms Act of 2005 that was of course signed by George W. Bush? The kid who bought the gun did so illegally, but the gun shop didn't so much care.

But where there is success, there is also failure. Last week, a new tally of toddler related shootings came out that showed at least one incident per week of a 3-year-old or younger getting a hold of a gun and shooting someone or him/herself.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me?!" Wilmore exclaimed. "Toddlers?!" Wilmore was so distraught with the news he had to take to the Nightly Show soundproof "Despair Booth" to vent some of his frustrations.

"Ok, so let me ask you a question," Wilmore said once he emerged. "Should we just not care about this and chalk it up to another, how did Jeb exclamation point put it?" Wilmore then ran the video of Bush saying "stuff happens." "Oh, right," Wilmore said. "Thanks, asshole, I forgot. Or should we be concerned that according to The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, currently Massachusetts is the only state that requires gun owners to keep all types of guns locked up..."

"We're just trying to stop a lot of bad things from happening," Wilmore said as if he was trying to reason with the gun manufacturing lobby.

Check out the video below:

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