Trevor Noah unloads on #Benghazi farce, supervillians Trey Gowdy and Kevin McCarthy

"Aww, man, Gowdy," Noah said. "That must be horrible, having your character and motives constantly attacked."

Published October 23, 2015 11:01AM (EDT)

If Thursday's 10-hour hearing of the Benghazi Select Committee yielded anything it was fodder for comedy shows calling out Republicans' absurd hypocrisy. Trevor Noah began "The Daily Show" with a slam on the nonsense that the committee wasn't political:

"Right now, we're not talking about politics. We're talking about Benghazi," Noah said. "The big Hillary Clinton hearing in Congress, which had nothing to do with politics."

Noah compared the marathon hearing to a series that Netflix somehow dropped on the audience out of the blue and forced us to spend so many hours in front of the television. "Because, I don't just Benghazi, I Binge-gazi."

He went on to explain the way that we got from the incident in Libya to today's irrational amount of time and money spent only to find nothing:

"To find out what happened that night, Congress very reasonably set up a committee investigation. And then they set up another investigation and another one. And then also four more. I'm just saying, maybe you're overdoing it when you have more sequels than the Fast and the Furious."

At some point, Noah noted, there seemed to be a shift in the hearings from "Is anyone to blame" to "Is Hillary to blame? To finally, 'How can we blame this on Hillary?'"

Noah went on to mock Congressman Kevin McCarthy for admitting he was seeking to pull down Clinton's poll numbers in the presidential race. "Ahhhh! McCarthy! You just admitted to convening the committee to hurting Hillary Clinton. Classic supervillain mistake. You have to wait until your enemy is dead before you reveal the plot!"

But the best was when Noah called out Rep. Trey Gowdy for playing the victim of McCarthy's stupidity saying that it was the worst week of his life and claiming now everyone is questioning his motives. "Aww, man, Gowdy," Noah said. "That must be horrible, having your character and motives constantly attacked. But, hey, man, if you ever need to talk, I know someone who can empathize," and Noah flashed a photo of Hillary Clinton.

Check out the rest of the hilarious commentary in the video below:

By Sarah Burris

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