Who's burning America's black churches?

Watch this video to find out what we know about recent cases of arson

Published October 25, 2015 7:00PM (EDT)

After the June killing of nine at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church by Dylann Roof, six predominantly black churches in the South were burned.

Now, months later, intentional fires have been set at seven predominantly black churches in the St. Louis area in the past three weeks.

While it is unknown if the attacks are racially motivated, there is a deep history of terrorism against black churches in America.

Watch the video below:

[jwplayer file="http://media.salon.com/2015/10/BlackChurches_AshaParker_10.23.2015.mp4" image="http://media.salon.com/2015/10/151017-stlouis-church-fire-228p_537119fabeec86e1d5d504a3c00570b2.nbcnews-fp-1200-800.jpg"][/jwplayer]

St. Louis Police Still Don't Know Why Churches Are Burning

By Asha Parker

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