Matt Oswalt for the win: Patton's brother was the comedian you needed to follow during #GOPDebate

Forget about anyone declaring Marco Rubio victorious. Patton's brother, Matt Oswalt, won last night's debate

Published October 29, 2015 8:10PM (EDT)


Patton Oswalt, of course, knocked it out of the park again during last night's debate. But Patton's brother, Matt Oswalt, nabbed the #GOPDebate MVP trophy.

The YouTube comedian is naturally cut from the same cloth as his brother, but does things a little more raunchily.

His biggest target: the fine folks at CNBC:

[embedtweet id="659525449182130176"]

[embedtweet id="659536992909168640"]

[embedtweet id="659542199219044352"]

[embedtweet id="659543098125479940"]

[embedtweet id="659556097724801024"]

Ted Cruz escaped with all but his manhood:

[embedtweet id="659525863541600256"]

[embedtweet id="659554336368779264"]

We probably won't catch "MARCO" this fall, but we'll pretend we did in a decade when it's deemed a cult classic.

[embedtweet id="659538223283105792"]

[embedtweet id="659538960964694018"]

The Don was given uncharacteristically short shrift:

[embedtweet id="659535602866479104"]

While Kasich was given uncharacteristically long shrift:

[embedtweet id="659528604154368001"]

And to sum it all up:

[embedtweet id="659526918438559744"]

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