"Hillary's campaign is powered by pizza, anal" — wait, come again?

Such are the perils of truncating headlines on the Internet

By Scott Eric Kaufman
November 5, 2015 11:23PM (UTC)
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Last night, the person managing Hillary Clinton's Twitter account wanted to re-tweet an innocuous Vocativ article about how much pizza her staffers eat. And if you access Twitter via desktop or laptop, you saw the tweet for what it was:

However, as BuzzFeed's Sarah Burton discovered, if you access Twitter via mobile, you could bear witness to one of the most unfortunate truncations imaginable:



Instead of running from the issue, as many candidates would, her digital communications manager Rob Flaherty chose to embrace it:

Neither her Democratic nor Republican opponents have ventured to communicate what is powering their campaigns, but we're sure statements are forthcoming.


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Scott Eric Kaufman

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