This Rachel Maddow interview is Bernie Sanders' best moment in weeks

Must-see video: Sanders cracks underwear and Larry David jokes in a self-aware and smart lightning round interview

Published November 7, 2015 5:18PM (EST)

It has been a rough couple weeks for Bernie Sanders as Hillary Clinton found her footing and re-established herself as the Democratic front-runner after impressive performances in the first Democratic debate and before a House panel investigating Benghazi.

But at an MSNBC forum in South Carolina last night, answering a speed round of quick questions from Rachel Maddow, Sanders might have had his best moment in some time -- he's charming, funny, self-aware, and gets in some great digs at the mainstream media.

Watch below, as Maddow -- as she jokes -- tries to get Sanders to hate her as much as he does the rest pf the press.

By Salon Staff

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