If you drink every time the GOP candidates mention HRC you will be drunk by the end of tonight's debate

Watch this hilarious video to find out the total number of times Clinton was mentioned in the last three debates

Published November 10, 2015 8:33PM (EST)

  (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
(Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

If you're planning on watching the GOP debate tonight, you probably won't want to do it sober. So we've got a drinking game for you to play while you watch: drink each time a Republican candidate mentions Hillary Clinton.

If the last three debates are any indication of how tonight's will go, you'll probably be drinking a lot. What's your guess on what the total number will be?

Check out this super funny supercut of the Republican candidates tirelessly mentioning the Democratic frontrunner's name:

[jwplayer file="http://media.salon.com/2015/11/ClintonVGOP_Asha_11.2.2015.mp4" image="http://media.salon.com/2015/11/2014-06-11t155415z1813105711gm1ea6b1uc101rtrmadp3usa-politics-clinton.jpg"][/jwplayer]

By Asha Parker

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