Ted Cruz: It's impossible to vet the Syrian refugees, since the Quran compels Muslims to lie

"There is a religious philosophy in Islamism that encourages them to lie to carry out jihad," he argued

Published November 20, 2015 2:15PM (EST)

On "Hannity" Thursday evening, Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz claimed that because the Quran requires Muslims engaged in jihad to lie, there's little doubt that members of ISIS either already have or soon will infiltrate the Syrian refugee population if they're allowed entry to the United States.

Not that either Sean Hannity or the Texas senator should be trusted with their handling of the facts, mind you, given that early in the interview they agree that "most" of those responsible for the terror attacks in France disguised themselves as refugees, but that's neither here nor there. Their main concern was with the motivations of a president who "would gamble with the lives of Americans" in order to score points with Muslims. (Two groups which, it bears noting, are not as mutually exclusive as Hannity and Cruz seem to believe.)

"This president is so driven by radical ideology, by political correctness," Cruz said. "The president insists we have to endanger the safety and security of our nation. Obama, instead of defending this nation, just attacks you and me and every American who wants to keep this nation safe."

Cruz claimed that because neither the president nor Hillary Clinton will say the words "radical" and "Islam" next to each other, it's difficult to trust them to properly vet these refugees -- especially when their religion compels them to lie.

"There is a religious philosophy in Islamism that encourages them to lie to carry out jihad," Cruz argued, "and if you look at Islamism, it is a theocratic and political ideology that says they are compelled to use violence and force to murder anyone that doesn’t share their radical faith or to forcibly convert them."

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

Watch the GOP's ludicrous responses to the Syrian refugee crisis:

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