Just as good as Adele saving Thanksgiving: Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the funniest holiday comedy ever

The late-night shows are off for the holidays. But you're traveling and need a laugh. Here you go

Published November 25, 2015 7:08PM (EST)

Last weekend, "Saturday Night Live" crushed it with the way that Adele will save Thanksgiving, but the history of this great country is hung on a timeline of Thanksgiving comedy. There is nothing more patriotic than making fun of the family that you're thankful for on Thanksgiving.

So, while many of the late-night shows are taking this week off, here are some funny moments satisfy your fix:

That time Jon Stewart had to break it to Stephen Colbert that he wouldn't be joining their family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Seth Meyers welcomes 30 Rock's Resident Grandma:

"Thanksgiving started in 400 AD when Jesus said, 'Don't you guys have somethin' to say to me?' And everybody went: 'Thank you, Jesus.'"

David Letterman talks to kids about what Thanksgiving is:

Apparently the Indians came over here for dinner but they watched football first.

Johnny Carson and Doc Severinsen laugh themselves to tears about their Thanksgiving plans:

Gems include "It's such an ugly bird, it deserves to die" and "I don't know what you're on but can you give me some?.... No, but I can sell you some."

The weird kissing family meets their son's (Jason Segel) new girlfriend (Vanessa Bayer).. with kisses. Lots of them.


Stephen Colbert plays the role of your drunk uncle:

"Carter! Madison! Stop clanking your silverware, Uncle Stephen is trying to drink!"

Jimmy Fallon does #ThanksgivingFAIL:

Paul Simon sings on SNL while dressed as a very large turkey.

Paul Simon - Thanksgiving Skit, SNL 1976 from Simon and Garfunkel News on Vimeo.

MadTV: The most embarrassing parents ever have a Thanksgiving meal:

"Dad.....? You're in your underwear..."

One year my grandma showed up with all of our Christmas presents and we just went with it.

Jon Stewart put a turkey on his hand and made it talk to us about the shortage of turkeys over 16 pounds in 2013.

"What's the point if I can't have a turkey over 16 pounds?! I may as well eat a hummingbird!"

Debbie Downer ruined Thanksgiving:

"I'll tell ya what the Pilgrims did bring... smallpox..."

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher circa 1998: A Very Brady Thanksgiving

"Ma! Cindy is a whore and a thief."

MadTV: Brittany and K-Fed celebrate Thanksgiving:

"Like, I got out an old video tape last night of our Thanksgivin' from last year and I got so upset y'all I couldn't chew my gum."

By Sarah Burris

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