Ann Coulter, world-historic troll: Her insane new Twitter rant about white men is one for the ages

Yesterday's shootings prove, somehow, that non-white people with non-white names are more likely to be mass-killers

Published December 3, 2015 4:22PM (EST)

 (Fox News)
(Fox News)

In a column written hours after the mass-killing in San Bernardino yesterday, Ann Coulter complained that the only reason people believe that white men commit the majority of such attacks is because the media's convinced them that they do.

"After 20 years of nearly non-stop mass murder by non-white immigrants in a country that is still majority white," she wrote, "our media have the audacity to claim that tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims are less dangerous than the most pacific human beings in world history: 21st-century white American men."

As evidence, Coulter rattled off a list of non-white immigrants who have committed mass-shootings, like the "mixed-race immigrant, Elliot Rodger, [who] committed mass murder at a sunny college campus in Santa Barbara." Rodger's mother is Malaysian, but to call Rodgers an "immigrant" when he moved with his family from London to the United States when he was five years old seems something of a stretch. Even by Coulter's own logic, Rodgers' parents would qualify as "the right kind of immigrant" -- wealthy, well-educated, and from a First World country.

She continued her defense of "the most pacific human beings in world history" on Twitter, noting that:

And, of course, she couldn't help but take a Trump-like potshot:

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