"Big thundering mountain of emotional exhaustion": Larry Wilmore calls mass shootings a rollercoaster from hell

"I didn't get into comedy to talk about violent death all the time," he says, before another brilliant piece

Published December 4, 2015 11:27AM (EST)

"I didn't get into comedy to talk about violent death all the time," Larry Wilmore began Thursday's "Nightly Show." But after his powerful comments on Wednesday night's show about the San Bernardino shooting, Wilmore wasn't done.

Averaging more than one mass shooting a day, he said, "I feel like we have to go through the same emotional roller-coaster. And it's the most vile roller-coaster in history."

Wilmore calls it the Big Thundering Mountain of Emotional Exhaustion. The process is to lower the safety bar, await the ominous mid-day announcement, then guess what the shooter looked like. As we reach the top of the coaster, everyone is scared their "type" isn't the one at the bottom of the drop. Then we bank left with an Obama statement and bank right with the GOP candidates. Eventually, you start to get sick at the Fox News pro-gun insanity.

"The only thing we know for sure is when we got off this ride, we're a little queasy, our legs are a little wobbly. And in the pit of our stomach, we know it's not going to be long before we get on this ride again," Wilmore said. "The worst thing is it doesn't surprise us anymore. We're getting used to this. That's not good."

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By Sarah Burris

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