Bill Maher: Religion is why "people who 'always acted normal' drop a baby off to go to a massacre"

The host of "Real Time" didn't mince words when expressing what he thought was at fault for this mass-shooting

By Scott Eric Kaufman
December 4, 2015 9:26PM (UTC)
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Comedian and "Real Time" host Bill Maher took to Twitter to provide what would have been a preview of Friday night's episode were he not on hiatus until the new year, blaming the mass-killing in San Bernardino on religious fundamentalism -- and doing so, it should be mentioned, without singling out Islam.

On the day of the shooting, when only the names of the suspects had been released, Maher wrote:


On Thursday, though, he expanded on the idea that religion is to blame for Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, killing 14 at the Inland Regional Center via a quotation from Steven Weinberg:

Watch our recap of what 2016 presidential candidates have said about the San Bernardino shooting:
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