Sarah Palin defends Donald Trump in the least useful, but most hilarious, way possible: He's saying the same racist things I said in '09!

Palin took to Facebook to defend the racist proposals of Trump and "the commonsense Right"

Published December 10, 2015 3:13PM (EST)

  (Reuters/Carlos Barria/AP/John Locher/Photo montage by Salon)
(Reuters/Carlos Barria/AP/John Locher/Photo montage by Salon)

Half-term Alaska Governor and failed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin took to Facebook Wednesday to defend Donald Trump against the "[h]erd mentality running rampant with hypocritical and/or naive pundits trying to crush Donald Trump because he's committed to clobbering the bad guys, and putting the good guys first."

In an awkwardly entitled post, "Hey, Media, Try Again To Take Down Trump (and Cruz for Understanding the Trump Context)," Palin defended "Trump's temporary ban proposal" as being "in the context of doing all we can to force the Feds to acknowledge their lack of strategy to deal with terrorism." (We at Salon apologize for how difficult these sentences are to parse, but as computer and information scientists are wont to say, "Garbage in, garbage out.")

"I said it back in 2009 and got beat up by the Left but understood by the commonsense Right, and I'll say it again: if it saves innocent lives, 'profile away!'" she continued, referring to her brilliant advice after the Ft. Hood shooting that authorities should have been "looking at his business card that had the secret code word for who it actually was."

She later claimed that the Islamic "Death Cult's ideology mandates butchering the innocent," therefore "we are right in calling for shucking the political correctness that is fundamentally transforming America, and finally putting the security of innocent Americans first."

Palin suggested, a la Trump, that the United States government should "[s]low this [immigration of Muslims] down via Fed intervention (it's the Federal Government's first and foremost job - national security!) until and unless we have a plan in place to sufficiently vet, and to utterly and completely destroy the terrorists." Which, if you don't read between the lines and stick to very words she wrote, means that no Muslims should be allowed into the United States until there is no possibility of a terror attack ever happening again, ever.

It may just be a poor choice of words on her part -- and God bless, she's proven time and again that the English language isn't her strong suit, so her routine ineloquence earns her the benefit of some doubt -- but on the sentence level she's advocating never allowing another Muslim into the United States again, which is the sort of statement one would expect from a religious ideologue, not someone who's merely opposed to political correctness, as she claims to be.

Of course, pointing out that she wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States until the federal government has an omnibus plan to dispatch all terrorists is just another example of how "the media twists and turns words," because Trump's plan is "commonsense, which is why the media and spineless pundits attack it."

"Come together, America, to focus on proactive solutions to protect our children from terrorism, after 7 years of neglect," she concluded, and why shouldn't she have? "Think of the children" is the classic rhetorical technique used by those in the throes of and/or who wish to incite moral panic, after all.

Is Donald Trump The Next Sarah Palin?

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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