"Are you losing your edge?": Stephen Colbert goes right after "hopeful" Michael Moore

"You don't seem like you're holding anyone's feet to the fire," Colbert said, about Moore's new film

Published December 18, 2015 12:42PM (EST)

Michael Moore is back, but this time with a film that isn't attacking anyone with a film crew. Instead, the filmmaker told Stephen Colbert on Thursday's "Late Show" that he wanted to make a more hopeful documentary about the positive things some countries are doing.

"Where To Invade Next" came to Moore when he thought about what would happen if the United States invaded countries that are doing awesome things to help give American troops a break for once. It's a satirical premise but outlines what more says "is a film about the United States and I don't show a single frame of film within the United States. It's all shot in different countries to show the things that they have that we could have."

Moore focuses exclusively on the positive ideas that European and some North African nations have achieved that care for their own people. If it's an attack on anything it's an attack on the "me" vs. "we" mentality that many social democracies have successfully implemented.

When asked if the film is for liberals or conservatives, Moore said he didn't care. "It's a comedy. I mean, I've made a satire," he explained. One thing he did say that Europeans say about the United States is "they come into an American supermarket and they see 157 varieties of breakfast cereal. That blows their mind... GoGurt, Yogurt in a tube. They love that."

While Moore says the film is an optimist one he does take a swipe at the way the United States spends 60 percent of GDP on the military where other countries spend closer to 6 percent. As a result, Moore says they can afford to provide things like free education, paid maternity leave for a year and give people a paid day off just to move from one apartment to another.

Check out the full interview below:

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