Sarah Palin declares that she'd vote for an atheist only if the other candidate was a Muslim in ISIS

But only because she still believes all Muslims are secretly members of ISIS or al Qaeda or something awful

Published December 22, 2015 3:47PM (EST)

  (Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

In an interview with CNN's Michael Smerconish, former failed vice presidential candidate and half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin said ... something about her willingness to vote for an atheist over a member of ISIS under certain conditions, a statement which will not come back to haunt her, because no one expects her to make any sense at this point.

Smerconish began with a "gimme" instead of a "gotcha" question, asking Palin why her ostensibly devotional book was so overtly political.

"It's real world stuff," Palin said. "It's really important that people of faith, atheists, anybody who would be looking for answers today -- the best place to go to look for answers that deal with personal problems and political problems that our world, certainly that our nation is facing, it's already spelled out for us -- the answers -- in the Old and the New Testaments."

"I just wanted to direct people to where they can look and find that answer," she added, completely oblivious to the fact that bibliomancy is expressly forbidden by the very Old Testament whose authority she just lauded. Palin just wants people "to be at peace and be able to live life vibrantly without worrying so much about what's going on."

Smerconish asked her whether she could imagine voting for an atheist over a Muslim, and as is her wont, she immediately conflated all those who worship Allah with members of ISIS. "If it all came down to that versus someone who believed in a religion that was hell-bent on destroying those who didn't agree with their religion, who would literally want to kill those, the infidels who would not say, 'Okay, I would go along with you,' then I would," she answered.

"Which means," Palin continued, "anybody who is sympathetic to what's going on today with Muslims terrorists, who would crucify children and behead women and stop at nothing to try to destroy us and Israel and our allies, I'd choose an atheist over that."

Watch the entire interview via the inestimably great David Edwards at the Raw Story.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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