The year in viral videos: John Oliver, Larry David, mac-and-cheese douche and the very best the Internet had to offer

This list explains why we didn't get any work done this year

Published December 23, 2015 6:55PM (EST)

Wow, what a year we've had. One of the most important things that happened this year in video is that President Obama decided he didn't give a fuck. So, we've all been lucky to see POTUS find his more comedic side. At the same time, there were some killer parodies, hilarious skits on "SNL" and the other nightly shows and some tearful reminders of those we lost.

Check out the most massive, epic, colossal, Trump-ego-huge list of videos from 2015 that will remind you of how great this year was:

The commercial that'll make you call your parents.
If you haven't seen this video yet this holiday season it's gone super viral. It's a commercial for a German supermarket chain, and it might make you cry. Seriously, I called my grandpa after watching this.

Remember when President Obama brought in an anger translator to the White House Correspondents Dinner?
"We can count on Fox News to terrify all white people with some nonsense!"

Then Stephen Hawking covered Monty Python's Galaxy song because, of course he did.

John Oliver's epic televangelist take down is literally the best John Oliver has ever John Olivered

Joe Biden's profound personal discussion with Stephen Colbert about grief in the wake of his son Beau Biden's death:

"Sesame Street" did a "Game of Thrones" parody called "Game of Chairs" and it was awesome:

The biggest assholes ever.
A couple from New Zealand on the X-Factor who completely crushed a contestant and became the super villains of the world.

Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice
"Look, I've been president for eight years, I'm ready for some entertainment!"

That surprising moment when "Bernie Sanders" rocked the Hotline Bling

That strange moment Hillary Clinton Learned The Nae Nae

Chris Farley as Shrek
This year we found out that Chris Farley was originally slated to play Shrek instead of Mike Myers. But due to his untimely death, we missed out on seeing him do it.... Until.... the sketches and about 90 percent of the voice work for the film was released and put online. Here is some of it:

Remember that rich drunk college kid who was in the dining hall demanding macaroni and cheese?
Whatever happened to that guy?

Obama reads mean tweets as he enters the "Obama don't give a f*ck" portion of his presidency:

Real life Peter Griffin showed up to New York Comic Con and he was everything you hoped he'd be!

Thank you to Auntie Fee who, this year, taught us how to cook everything we ever need:

Larry David played the best Bernie Sanders of all time.
Even today, people tweet the debates and refer to Sanders as Larry David. It was amazing.

Uptown Funk goes nuts in the pop-culture ether.
BarackDubs: Obama Sings Uptown Funk (sorta).


Uptown Funk sung by the Movies

Planned Parenthood:
Elizabeth Warren's kickass floor speech on why she stands with Planned Parenthood

Seth Meyers shuts down the anti-Planned Parenthood lies

Kristen Wiig performed Sia's "Chandelier" at the Grammys and crushed it.

Bad Lip Reading does The First Republican Debate - that part with Ben Carson gets me every time!

Anne Hathaway lipsyncs to "Wrecking Ball" in the most legendary Lip Sync Battle episode ever.
Seriously, ever.

CNN/HLN Got Trolled On National TV:
It's possible you missed this, the video has been taken down and put back up many times. Meet Jon Hendren. He was brought on CNN/HLN to talk about Edward Snowden and ended up talking about Edward Scissorhands.

Dick Cheney Truth:
This video totally went nuts on Tumblr. It's basically a dude talking about how Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War.

Because, of course we have to mention it: Pizza Rat

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