Aggrieved Christians attack Sarah Silverman for tweeting like she's ... Sarah Silverman

Her tweet was about as innocuous as they come, but that's not about to stop irate Christrians from warpathing

By Scott Eric Kaufman
December 29, 2015 12:45AM (UTC)
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Comedian Sarah Silverman behaved exactly like anyone familiar with comedian Sarah Silverman would expect her to on Christmas day, launching the following tweet into a world full of already/perpetually aggrieved Christians:

The response was, as anyone who's paid attention to politics in the past decade would imagine, not entirely positive:


Which isn't to say that all Christian charity has absented itself from the world:

And it's not like she didn't score some supporters:

But for the most part, it has, having been replaced by thinly veiled anti-Semitism and ill-conceived comparisons to Islamic extremism:


Silverman responded as only she can:

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