Donald Trump believes he's vanquished the GOP field, turns his attention to new adversaries: Hillary Clinton's "terrible" husband and "wacko" Bernie Sanders

Having convinced himself he's wrapped up GOP nomination, Trump turns attention to 2 people he's not running against

By Scott Eric Kaufman
December 28, 2015 7:15PM (UTC)
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In this photo taken Dec. 21, 2015, Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump addresses supporters at a campaign rall in Grand Rapids, Mich. The former reality television star and tabloid king has relied on free news coverage to power his presidential campaign. And he wants to control that coverage as much as possible. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) (AP)

Donald Trump, apparently under the impression that the Baby Jesus delivered him the Republican nomination for Christmas, has spent his post-holiday online-time turning his attention to the Democratic candidates. His tirade began on Christmas day, as he indicated exactly who he wouldn't be sharing his Christian charity with:

By Boxing Day, it was pretty clear who the Donald believed his new competition to be:


Not that he didn't have some vitriol left in the tank for another possibility:

Sanders Thinks He Could Convert Trump Supporters

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