Former KKK Grand Wizard says the Donald even trumps him when it comes to speaking "radically" about America's future

David Duke's encouraged that Trump's radicalism is giving racists "the courage to speak out"

Published December 28, 2015 3:15PM (EST)

Earlier this month, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Louisiana state representative David Duke said that Donald Trump's campaign is a net positive for those who believe in the "cultural uniqueness" of the white race and oppose the state of Israel -- even though the self-presumptive GOP nominee strongly supports Israel's right to exist.

Trump's campaign, according to the video first brought to national attention Buzzfeed, is "positive in the fact that there’s less political correctness and people are getting the courage to speak out," Duke said, though he acknowledged that the Donald "speaks a little more, actually a lot more radically, than I talk."

"He's giving voice to a lot of people -- he appeals to the values and interests of the European-American majority," Duke continued, "and that's the underlying appeal of his popularity." When asked if he considered Trump's positions on minorities and Muslims to be divisive, Duke said that "the divisive factor is the overwhelming thrust of the American media, which is basically very divisive."

He was particularly incensed by Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," in which "the main black character says 'kill white people' and gets paid for it. Imagine if there was a movie on the other side of that equation!"

Duke did register some disagreement with Trump, particularly on the question of Israel. "I certainly don’t support the idea of America supporting the nation of Israel, which has committed terrorism against the United States of America, with the Lavon affair and the attack on the Liberty and the incredible treachery and the damage that was done by Israel with its spy Jonathan Pollard, who basically caused the death of hundreds of our operatives -- I think, and I see this Jewish extremist, this basically Zionist, minority having enormous influence."

Watch the entire interview below via YouTube.

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