Trump spokeswoman wears necklace strung with bullets on CNN — threatens to wear one festooned with fetuses next time

Katrina Pierson is both national treasure and nightmare, much like the man for whom she speaks

Published December 30, 2015 2:27PM (EST)

Donald Trump's spokeswoman was on CNN again, but this time she wasn't causing controversy by virtue of the barely filtered nonsense being ejected from her throat, so much as what she was wearing around it.

Pierson was last seen on CNN declaring that Muslims have no right to complain about civil rights violations, what with their being Muslim and all, but on Tuesday she was appearing on "The Lead" to talk about Trump turning his attention away from the GOP field and toward Hillary Clinton.

After her appearance, however, all anyone on either side of the aisle wanted to talk about was one particular sartorial decision:

News of her neck-wear eventually percolated up to Jim Sciutto, who had conducted the interview with Pierson but neglected to inquire about it, possibly adhering to the journalistic convention that requires one never to talk about a politician's fashion sense unless it involves Hillary Clinton and a pantsuit:

Pierson's replied as anyone familiar with her or her employer would expect:

But because her employer is Donald Trump, of course she had to take it one step farther:

Watch the entire exchange below via CNN

Donald Trump Is A Real Life Version Of Stephen Colbert's Old Character

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