Bill O'Reilly's bizarro gun-control argument: Did the Fox News host just stake out a reasonable position?

It wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but you can be sure we did a double-take

Published January 6, 2016 1:30PM (EST)

Either I’m watching too much Fox News or Bill O’Reilly last night took a relatively moderate stance on gun control.

On President Obama’s tearful announcement of executive action on gun control, O’Reilly said, “Mr. Obama is obviously sincere in his quest for more public safety, but he is missing the bigger picture.”

“The vast majority of these heinous crimes are committed by hardcore criminals, not civilian shooters,” O’Reilly continued. Therefore, “Restricting law abiding Americans from acquiring guns is obviously unconstitutional.”

“Terrorists are not going to submit themselves to background checks,” O’Reilly warned. “Neither are dangerous felons or insane people … Do we all get that?”

Par for the course for O’Reilly, eh? Hold onto your hats.

“On the other side,” Bizarro Bill amended, “the NRA and gun owners should be reasonable. The FBI should background check anyone buying a firearm in America … That just makes sense.”

Watch the full segment below:

(h/t MediaMatters)

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