Donald Trump smears Hillary Clinton: "She went after the women very strongly and very viciously"

On "Hannity" last night, Trump could barely contain himself as he went after the Dem frontrunner

By Brendan Gauthier
Published January 6, 2016 2:00PM (EST)

Sean Hannity welcomed Donald Trump to “Hannity” last night for a less-than-hostile run-through of his 9-9-9 … I mean, “Make America Great Again” platform.

Hannity soft-balled Trump a question (structured as a statement) about charges of sexism brought against him by Hillary Clinton. “Democrats always claim the Republicans are racist and sexist and they even said that about Mitt Romney for having resumes of women that he wanted to hire,” asked-stated Hannity.

Trump found a question, and indicated he did the drudge work to corroborate his claims of Clinton being an “enabler.”

“Well, as you know, and it's been well documented, she went after the women very, very strongly and very viciously according to the women and according to other sources,” Trump responded. “Major book's been written about it. And it's a book that's a very well respected book.”

When she talks about me being sexist, I mean, she can't be speaking about that subject and I don't think she will be anymore,” Trump added. “I would hope she doesn't. And I'd rather not speak about it also. But she can't bring it up.”

Watch The Donald's interview below:

(h/t Media Matters)

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