Bernie Sanders goes on the offensive against Trump: He's "doing what demagogues always do"

Trump is partaking of "old-fashioned scapegoating," and Sanders is sick of hearing about it

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published January 8, 2016 1:32PM (EST)

On "All in with Chris Hayes" Thursday night, Chris Hayes spoke to Bernie Sanders about harnessing the anger of the average American -- even those who support Trump -- and turning that anger into votes.

Sanders noted that the American worker is making far less today "in real, inflation adjusted for dollars" than thirty years ago, and that Trump is tapping into the anger that's creating. "What I am saying is you have a right to be angry. Let's create an economy that gets to the root cause of greed and corporate greed. Let's take them on."

"You know what Trump is saying?" he asked. "The cause of your problems is that Latino tomato picker who's making $8 an hour, or that Muslim engineering student -- that's the old-fashioned scapegoating, it's doing what demagogues always do."

Sanders also spoke about why he believes he can turn the anger of Trump supporters to his benefit, saying that's why he went to Liberty University a few months ago. "Look, we disagree about gay rights, about abortion, but can we at least agree that income inequality is grotesque, is a moral issue? Can we stand together?"

"The point is, we do have disagreements," Sanders concluded, "but your kid can't afford to go college."

Watch the entire interview below via MSNBC.

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