"David Bowie was a true innovator": Celebrities — young and old alike — mourn the passing of David Bowie on Twitter

Everyone from Madonna to Kanye is in a state of shock at news of the music/fashion/film icon's death

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published January 11, 2016 1:07PM (EST)
  (AP/Brian Horton)
(AP/Brian Horton)

The death of someone whose influence cut across cultures and decades and media is never easy to process, and few have been as influential as David Bowie. Twitter is not the most gracious of online spaces -- it's not a place of eloquence so much as a space to register grief, which is precisely what those who knew him, or merely loved his work, have done in these early hours of a world without Bowie:

Bowie's influence extended far beyond his years:

His son, director Duncan Jones, added:

WATCH: A look back at the legacy of David Bowie
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Remembering David Bowie's Innovative and Prolific Career

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