"This is what small government looks like": Larry Wilmore slams the budget cuts that led to the Flint, Michigan water poisoning scandal

"These lead pipes are ruining your filthy, brown drinking water," Wilmore said pretending to be a plumber.

Published January 13, 2016 12:41PM (EST)

The poor people of Flint Michigan are being screwed over by their government and Larry Wilmore took up their cause on Tuesday evening's "Nightly Show" in what he has coined: The Larry People vs. Flint.

In case you missed it, the town of Flint, Michigan is under a state of emergency because their drinking water is too toxic to drink. This after republican Gov. Rick Snyder screwed over the town by changing where their water supply to the Flint River and hiring a shitty company to "purify" it. The reason that they were getting their water from a more costly source was likely because the Flint River is a toxic, polluted mess, but clearly Snyder didn't care, he was looking to save costs.

The problem starts with the corrosive drinking water that goes through old iron water mains that turn the water brown. From there it goes through lead pipes into homes. "When it turns brown from the iron pipes, that's when it's still yummy," Wilmore said a little disgusted. "It goes bad when it goes through the dirty lead pipes. 'Yeah, I'll tell ya what yer problem is,'" Wilmore said doing an impression of a plumber. "'These lead pipes are ruining your filthy, brown drinking water.'"

Just when you thought the good people of Flint could just go to the store to get bottled water, it turns out the 33-mile city doesn't even have a grocery store. A water quality expert told CNN that it would have taken nothing more than $100 per day to avoid this whole crisis.

It seems this is what Republicans mean when they say small government. "Well this is what small government looks like," Wilmore said. "When you have politicians falling all over themselves to see who can make the most draconian budget cuts you get decisions like this. Citizens poisoned to save one hundred-fucking-dollars a day. I mean, officials in Flint, Michigan should all be rounded up and put behind bars. If you need extra lead for those bars, just hold a town blood drive."

Check out the rest of the shocking and sad report below:

What Did Snyder Know About Flint's Water Crisis.

By Sarah Burris

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